Muhimbili University of Allied and Health Sciences

Dalhousie University has had a long standing relationship with Muhimbili University.  The partnership began with the Schools of Nursing and expanded into Medicine and Pharmacy over the last 7 years.  Dalhousie students have been engaged in global health programs with Muhimbili each summer.  This summer program has been an introduction to health systems in different countries as well as the impact of determinants of health on individuals and communities.  This experience has helped strengthen and build awareness of social justice within health and medicine.  Many of these students continue to advance their training and clinical skills with a stronger role in advocacy and social justice.

The website for Muhimbili University of Allied and Health Sciences (MUHAS) is

During our time in Dar es Salaam, we were fortunate to meet with the

  • Dean of Medicine
  • Former Dean of Medicine
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • Head of Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Head of Department of Radiology
  • Head of Department of Pediatrics
  • Head Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Director of Links and Exchange Office
  • Dean of Pharmacy
Based on the week of meetings, a report of our findings was developed to help guide our  initiatives.  Our main findings for future collaboration included:
  • Both institutions will sign a revised MOU recognizing the future collaboration and partnership
  • Micro-research will be a priority area for future work
  • Student and faculty exchanges will continue and be strengthened by both institutions
  • There is an interest and commitment to develop a distance education to this partnership
  • A variety of areas within faculty development were prioritized for future work

Partnership Presentation

Partnership Presentation

Entrance to the University

Canteen at MUHAS

Canteen at MUHAS

Study Space

Study Centres

Lecture Hall


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